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October 16, 2009 - Friends Turned To Family.


4 boys, none older than 16 were at a High School baseball try-out. Jason, the oldest, calling shots from the Catcher position. Henry stood at third base, silent, but executing every play to a T. Bryant and Diony stood at Shortstop and Second base respectively figuring out the best approach every single play. They must’ve caught 500 ground balls collectively that day. Little did they know that they were establishing a foundation to collectively sell thousands of vehicles 11 years later.


Jason, Henry, Bryant, and Diony have known each other for well over 15 years. After 4 years of High School Baseball, they established a very strong brotherhood. Diony was the first to be introduced into the auto industry at the age of 17, straight out of High School. Jason went on to play D1 College Baseball, while Bryant and Henry went to College.


They rekindled their relationship when Jason was introduced to Network Marketing. He saw an opportunity to help a multitude of people and knew his brothers would be on board. This is where the guys developed their initial interest in owning a business and saw a glimpse of a world as business partners. That stretched out for a span of two years. In the process, both Jason and Bryant had joined the auto industry via Diony, and Henry joined a sales job of his own working for Verizon.


November 17, 2016 - The Journey 

“Guys, I need all of you onboard,” said Diony. “I just got the General Sales Manager position.” At the end of 2016, the guys had dropped whatever they were working towards to build a team at an Acura dealership Diony was now running. That December, in their first month, they sold over 100 cars in a dealership that didn’t see that number all year. They went on to learn the ins and outs of the industry. They were trained in the finance department, established a social media presence, and most importantly, developed a core structure working together.


A little bit over half a year at the dealership, they all agreed something was missing. No matter how much they shaped the place, it wasn’t theirs to control. They couldn’t offer the things they wanted to offer, they couldn’t take care of people the way they believed people deserved. Over some roast beef sandwiches at Roll-n-Roaster, the guys decided to create their own platform. While brainstorming, they all had a common goal, to treat people the way you would want to be treated, like family. The name Familia stuck the moment it was mentioned.


Fast forward 3 years, since the grand opening of Familia Motor Group. A dream that started with 4 friends looking to make it big and make a difference in the community is now a Team of 30 that share the same Core Values and Dreams. 


Familia Motor Group has sold over 3,000 cars, in over 50 different cities, in 10 different states. We have over 15.7K followers on Instagram and counting.


Located at the heart of our neighborhood, no more than 15 minutes away from the baseball field we got our first Home Runs at, and the supermarket all our parents shopped in. We believe that this will allow us to serve our community the way it has served us. We plan on starting at home, in Queens NY, and eventually touching all of New York City. Our mission is simple, to treat everyone like family!


We look forward to helping you get into the car of your dreams! Get started here.

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